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Permanent Placement Services

With access to an unprecedented global workforce of more than half-a-million candidates and, with an additional ability to search, qualify, and place in real-time, a global pool of candidates spanning all areas of IT development, Kominfo has been successfully meeting our client’s permanent staffing needs. Powered by dynamic permanent placement recruiters, our full-service recruiting experience use breakthrough proprietary recruitment strategies with built-in quality measures and on-boarding processes to recruit, assess, and qualify the right professionals for our client positions at every level. We use a consultative approach to understand each specific need and present candidates only with the most advanced technical and human skill sets in the marketplace. With a high client satisfaction rate, Kominfo is a trusted partner to hundreds of companies now employing highly-skilled personnel we have proudly selected and presented to our clients.

Contract staffing

At Kominfo , we work with diverse industry verticals and address to staffing needs across all of them. Unlike permanent hires, contract staffing enables the client to enhance their productivity while leaving all their staffing concerns to us. We understand our clients have temporary staffing needs from time to time and fulfilling these manpower needs is our responsibility. Contract staffing with us helps our client’s focus on their core business areas and eliminate the other liabilities associated in case of permanent employment. Our experience in the staffing industry enables us to fully evaluate the client’s business situation, determine their specific requirement and provide the best staffing results.

Contract to hire staffing

Deploy, access, recruit - Contract to Hire Staffing

Contract to hire staffing is ideal for companies who want to de-risk the entire recruitment process.

  • Companies employ the desired staff as a contract employee,
  • Validate his technical and managerial skills while on the job and
  • If found suitable, they recruit him/her.

The incumbents remain on our payroll until the time the company decides to recruit them. But in the interregnum, they are still bound by the rules and regulations of your organization.

Benefits of the Contract to Hire Staffing

Effective pan global resource pool: Companies benefit from our large pool of human resources and they can gain access to top rung resources that can handle critical jobs with zero compromise.

Customized, Perfect Placement: We have an organized approach towards recruitment and unlike body shoppers, we are not in a tearing hurry to fill up vacancies. We first conduct a technical evaluation of your requirement. This helps us determine the manpower and skill set requirement of your project. Our deep understanding of your company's specific requirement helps us identify and offer the candidate that will be a perfect placement. Flexible, safe and customized to your specifications, Kominfo Contract-to-Hire staffing model is a definite way to reduce costs to hire, check attrition rates and attract high caliber employees.

Temporary Staffing

Temporary staffing is when employees are hired to perform specific functions in a contractual relationship for a client company and for a defined period of time. Flexi staffing is a great option when the Company has an immediate need for more hands for their current project or when the Company has a hiring freeze but has deadlines to meet for their project, which needs completion within a stimulated time frame.

Recruitment made perfect with Kominfo Through Our strong database and efficient recruitment expertise. we find the best match for you!


Temp Staffing

Temp staffing helps in saving a lot of business resources, time and money and is ideal for companies who constantly work on time and cost saving constraints incurred on permanent hire thereby increasing hiring flexibility. Flexi staffing is a great option when the company has an immediate need for more employees for current project or when the company has a hiring freeze but has deadlines to meet for their project.

Contract Assignments

Most of the professionals wish to take up new challenges, enabling them to gain a wide range of experience in a variety of business environments. Through contract assignments, they are able to improve their skills and maximize their resume qualifications. Contracting also enables better risk management in terms of roll offs and projects ramp down and other unforeseen circumstances. Contract staffing helps in eliminating payroll accounting and maintain budget controls.

Temp / Contract Staffing

Also, eliminating bad press from layoffs during recession. Kominfo offers temp / contract staffing solutions across industries and sectors like Banking & Financial Services, Consumer Durables, Automotive, Aerospace & Defence, Oil & Gas, Power & Energy, Infrastructure, E-commerce, Manufacturing, BPO / KPO, Engineering, Healthcare & Life sciences, Insurance, Not for Profit, Agro business, Education, Infrastructure, Media, Retail, Telecom & Startups.

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