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Covering cloud the way IT pros see it – down deep

It’s impossible to find the real cloud buyers if you’re circling above the cloud. The target audience is down deep and that’s where you need to be. The hype surrounding cloud computing can be a distraction. That’s why working with Kominfo Cloud-focused media is so rewarding for marketers. We know how to identify the serious buyers and deliver your message in context with our expert content.

We view cloud computing through the eyes of the cloud administrator, architect and IT teams. We dispense with the cut through the hype to deliver what IT pros need to know about your products, services and technologies. Finding the real cloud buyers is the first step. Reaching and engaging them is the second. At the heart of Kominfo Cloud’s marketing value is our ability to target active members with specific cloud topics through our dedicated and related sites. That’s something no other media company can offer.

To underwrite on the content, we provide an extensive type of online media benefactor privilege. These comprehend syndication/advancement of support-delivered content assets, exposition or contextual alignment, multi-sponsor assortments, familiarly, custom media, demand gen and branding.

We have a cortege of emphasized programs that attract operational buyers seeking distinct network.

  • Our Cloud Computing explores how IT shops use the cloud today as well as their roadmap for the future.
  • Cloud Computing info present a guided tour of a single topic using original editorial content. By sponsoring extensive information, you have the opportunity to brand your company as a leader in the space and to receive contact information from anyone who downloads the content.
  • A Kominfo is a hunk of info across our cloud sites containing content primarily associated to a variety of cloud topics. A promoter’s banners and content links appear on each page connected.
  • The Cloud Interactive information provides members with a variety of info focused on private cloud. As a promoter, you are invited to accord your content and generate leads from the members.

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Our Competitors

For our competitors, cloud is probably one tab on their site maintained by one dedicated editor at most. In contrast, dedicated to cloud and maintained by an editorial staff. They’re backed by a cadre of expert contributors numbering more. This talented team has produced more pieces of objective content.

Expert Contributors

Our expert contributors are respected industry veterans with deep technical experience. Well-known industry luminaries who contribute to Cloud of Directions and principal, managing director of the Cloud Security of general counsel.

Meticulously Categorize

We meticulously categorize our content against specific topics like cloud infrastructure, cloud security and cloud storage. We drill down deeper on topics such as building a private cloud infrastructure, cloud storage backup. Recent cloud editorial content includes topics such as private cloud performance, hybrid cloud management.

We’ve built a loyal audience of serious IT pros with buying on their mind. They’ve come to rely on our cloud coverage, which features sites dedicated to infrastructure, security and storage. Our latest site helps IT vendors connect with Cloud Service Providers. If that were the extent of cloud coverage, it would be impressive. But we offer so much more -- with other sites that present cloud content and related technologies such as development, virtualization, and the data center. The fact is, we lead the industry with objective evergreen technical content, covering cloud the way.

Recent In-depth articles for serious Cloud buyers across our network, your products and services and expertise help address specific cloud challenges. Then align your messaging with the content that speaks to these specific challenges. Here is a quick snapshot showing the issues being addressed by cloud on our network.

  • Private cloud performance starts with VM choice
  • Keys to Integrated Cloud Management
  • Hybrid cloud management tools and strategies ditch file servers.
  • Cloud application security issues and considerations

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